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Our partner Constar, is an Australian company based in Queensland. They are manufacturers of disposable medical and laboratory supplies. Constar is the exclusive manufacturer of the Platinum Quiver.

SIMICON is the leading company in the field of hygienic safety in Europe. We are proud to be the Australian distributor of the Simicon range, incorporating the Simicon RI.

In conjunction with Key Diagnostics, Platinum Surgical is excited to be involved exclusively with the Hygiena range in the Australian healthcare market.

Platinum Surgical are the exclusive distributor of the Sterilive Bowie & Dick test pack.

We are pleased to announce that Platinum Surgical has integrated our business with another well-known and respected Australian company, Medical Industries Australia. We believe that this decision will strengthen our business and bring more opportunities for Platinum Surgical’s customers in the future. If you have any questions please contact Peter Thompson on 0406 722 269.

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